Our History

In 1997, Partakers, Inc. was founded by Jeannette Hanlon as a non-profit organization with ┬áthe following principal purposes: 1) to provide mentoring to women and men in prison who are enrolled in the Boston University Prison Education Program (BUPEP), or people in prison taking ┬áDistant Learning correspondence courses, 2) to bridge the divide between those inside and outside of prison. In 2000 Partakers’ College Behind Bars program and BUPEP began an official relationship that helped anchor our effort and that over time, established Partakers’ respected position with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

Although Partakers does not promote a particular religious tradition, we recognize and embrace the universal faith teaching, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”-Therefore we describe Partakers as faith-based, but non-sectarian.

Organizational Structure:

The Board of Directors, which can have up to 15 members, meets monthly except for July and August. Our public Annual Meeting is held on the first Sunday of November. Partakers’ once-a-year only financial appeal occurs in the Fall.

We are grateful for the continued generous support from volunteers and friends of Partakers, and from the faith communities wh0 have mentoring teams. Partakers would not be able to exist without the generous financial support of the following foundations: The Carpenter Foundation, The Clipper Ship Foundation, The Lenny Zakim Foundation, The Shaw Foundation, and others.